Services Overview

  • Maintenance and general services

    Don’t wait for an emergency. Give us a call today and let our certified technicians stop by and give your system a once over. So whether you are looking for a one...

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  • Rebuild Shop

    Screw Compressor Rebuild Service. We are proud to offer rebuild services on virtually all makes and models of screw compressor.  We are staffed and equipped to provide this service either in the...

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  • Pump Out Unit

    Designed and built by our founder Wayne Baker, the Baker Refrigeration Pump-Out Unit is an invaluable tool when it comes to making changes to the high pressure side of an ammonia system....

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  • Ammonia System Portable Dehydrator

    It is common knowledge that refrigeration systems lose efficiency when contaminated with air and other non-condensable gases. Liquid contaminants can wreak havoc on efficiency as well. Water, oil, glycol, etc. is often...

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