Ammonia System Portable Dehydrator

It is common knowledge that refrigeration systems lose efficiency when contaminated with air and other non-condensable gases. Liquid contaminants can wreak havoc on efficiency as well. Water, oil, glycol, etc. is often inadvertently introduced to the system. These liquid contaminants become entrained in the ammonia are pumped throughout the system, consuming horsepower but providing no refrigeration effect. This loss of refrigeration effect at the evaporator drastically reduces the tonnage of the system's evaporators. To combat this problem, we offer rental of these devices for periodic removal of liquid contaminants from industrial ammonia systems.


Ammonia liquid is routed to the unit's intake from the pumps on the recirculator vessel, usually the low side. The suction outlet from the unit is routed to the low side wet suction return. The floats on the unit's float tree maintain a set level of liquid in the vessel while interior heaters boil off the ammonia. This process continues until the liquid solenoid shuts off, either by user intervention or when the water/oil level in the vessel rises enough to shut of the maintenance level float. The unit is then drained of its contents and, if necessary, moved to the next low side vessel.

For more information or to schedule a rental, please call Brandon Caughron at (800) 553-1231.



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